The Inovativ Bespoke Facial is designed to address your skin concerns and leave your skin thoroughly cleansed, soft and glowing with health.

What is The Inovativ Bespoke Facial?

Sometimes we don’t know what our skin really needs. To help you on your skin perfection journey, we will create a facial treatment that is just for you.

During our pre-treatment skin care consultation, we will assess your skin and discuss your concerns. A facial will then be customized, using a multiple range of technologies and techniques.  

The treatment can include a mix of dermaplaning and skin peels, as well as carboxytherapy, electro-sonic currents, high frequency, L.E.D. phototherapy, microcurrent, microdermabrasion, oxygen therapy, radio frequency, gentle skin needling (Innopen – USA) and ultrasonic. Each particular type of luxury bespoke facial is tailored to your skin’s needs. The professional skin care products used in each treatment are also bespoke.

What are the benefits?

Unlike generic facials, The Inovativ Bespoke Facial is custom-designed to provide just the right care for a specific skin condition.


The Inovativ Bespoke Facial deeply cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates skin and treat blemishes. This results in improving your skin’s softness and appearance.

Some facial treatments are able to go deep. This helps clear up underlying imperfections. Others work to exfoliate and purify the upper layers of the skin. They result in your skin having a brilliant, glowing appearance. Revitalization comes from added minerals and enzymes to boost collagen. These soak deeply into the skin to energize and fortify. They can also help prevent wrinkles and age marks, lift and firm. Your Aesthetician will choose the methods that work best for your skin type and condition. In addition, she will ensure that the facial provides the right benefits for your unique situation.

How does professional skin care relate to you?

The Inovativ Bespoke Facial is more than a luxury, pampering treatment. It provides good thorough care. This helps you in some important ways. You will have more confidence when your skin feels good. When it is glowing and looks wonderful. As a result, you will be more willing to put yourself out there and reach for your goals.

How long does this Facial take?

We recommend that you dedicate at least two hours of your time for the Facial. This is due to the customizable and varying nature of our treatments.

What recovery advice should I expect?

There is no downtime with the Facial. Therefore, clients can return to work or their normal activities.

How many Inovativ Bespoke Facials do I need?

A single Facial can be expected to deliver a noticeable benefit, but improved results can be expected with a course of facials (three to six), with a maintenance Facial performed every four to six weeks.

How much does the Facial cost?

Pricing varies due to how personalized and involved your Facial is. It is also based on what your Aesthetician recommends, as well as your concerns for your skin. Prices therefore range between R850 and R1700.    

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