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BioSkinJetting is a completely natural method of diminishing wrinkles based upon the skin’s own natural regeneration capabilities. By creating a controlled injury into the wrinkle, the dermal tissue is stimulated into forming new tissue that contains young collagen and elastin fibres that spread through the wrinkle. It is a revolutionary wrinkle treatment and a natural alternative to Botox and facial fillers.

Please note: No foreign substances are injected into the skin. Topical anaesthetic is applied prior to treatment. The forehead, eye areas, cheeks, lips and chin may be treated.

From R750 per area


BioSkinSmoothing is a machine technique that helps target deeper wrinkles, scars and the fine intertwined network of fine lines found on aging skin. Whilst the treatment can be used on its own, combined with BioSkinJetting (used during treatments or as an after-treatment once optimum collagen production has been reached) it gives “amazing results.” A machine using a modified high frequency current and a 24-carat gold plated “wand” (resembling a miniature iron) are slowly moved over the skin’s surface to help smooth wrinkles away.

Especially effective on either atrophy or hypertrophy scars.

Benefits include:

  • Improving and refining skin texture and condition
  • Tightens and lifts fine lines, wrinkles and atrophic scars
  • Stimulates the skin to form collagen
  • Improves skin contours
  • Improves lymphatic drainage
From R750 per area

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