“Skin is a reflection of the inside.” – Doctor Laporte

Each skin is unique and it is with this consideration that GERnétic has elaborated the bust and body care ranges.  These deep treatments target the cause of the dysfunction. Your skin regains the nutrients, oligo-elements and essential amino acids needed for its optimum functioning.  Its affections are treated and not palliated and shape, firmness and elasticity are found.   Please remember it takes minimum three to six months for repair and regeneration of damaged tissue to take place and includes professional Institute treatments together with a proper home care regimen.

GERnétic French Body Treatments:

Bust Harmony and Firming Treatment

For women wishing to maintain or restore the beauty of their bust, this treatment is a must. Using cellular extracts, this treatment transfers nutritional molecules to optimize harmony, firmness and elasticity of the bust tissues. By regulating the endocrine system, the bust treatment helps the functioning of various organs, encouraging the activity of the hypothalamus, ovaries and mammary glands so the bust regains its natural size and shape. The GERnétic method is incredibly effective.

Conquer Cellulite Treatment
The GERnétic anti-cellulite treatment is not just about removing cellulite, but the benefits that come with it. Alongside the gradual elimination of unwanted toxins, it improves blood and lymphatic circulation; it drains the layers of old dead cells and it provokes a natural diuretic effect. The results are seen in the restoration of the skin’s suppleness and smoothness. It is an ideal treatment to treat cellulite concerns from the inside out.

Slimming Treatment
A top scientific method with excellent results for slimming, bulging waistline, heavy hips and thighs. This extraordinary slimming treatment helps reduce fat and has a tendency to regulate superfluous appetite, boosting metabolism to induce the natural slimming process of the body. It helps restores the natural shape.

Firming Body Treatment
The Firming Body Treatment tones and firms deep tissues and restores the elasticity of the skin. Nutritional molecules from biological compounds and extracts rich in amino acids, vitamins and trace elements reduce the slackening of deep tissues. This GERnétic treatment restructures elastin and collagen that are essential for skin elasticity. It is an ideal treatment for loose skin after weight loss or pregnancy, and combats the body skin aging process.

Poor Circulation and Vein Treatment
This GERnétic treatment relieves fatigued legs and reduces capillary fragility and visible veins. Through the use of concentrates and creams rich in vitamins, proteins, amino acids and plant extracts that reduce the swelling of legs, this treatment is perfect for women who are on their feet all day. Preserve and restore light and beautiful legs.

Revitalizing Hand Treatment
GERnétic understands that as we age, so do our hands. They are often the biggest signifier of our age, having been used frequently for everyday chores and activities and exposed to the harsh South African sun.  Our treatment specifically treats dry and damaged hands, and also reduces age-related pigmentation (age spots) marks, keeping hands soft and ageless.

Stretch Mark Treatment
GERnétic‘s stretch mark treatment is extremely effective for reactivating the dermis and increasing the localised circulation. Comprising concentrated formulas to enhance the skin’s metabolism, it utilises nutritious molecules such as peptides, amino acids and proteins to restructure elastin and collagen. This process is essential for diminishing the depth of stretch marks and rebuilding the firmness of the skin. It is the perfect treatment for reducing stretch marks after pregnancy or after rapid weight gain. Dedication is fundamental for the results you deserve.

Walk-on-Air Feet Treatment
Our relaxing hydrating and rejuvenating treatment makes any heavy, swollen or tired feet and legs feel like they are walking on air.  (Calloused heels can be treated at the same time.)

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