Our face and body treatments result in helping you look and feel more beautiful, confident, and youthful.

Pricing appears below the description of each concern. 


Dark under-eye circles are sometimes caused by darkened pigment, or a hollow depressions below the lower eyelids (tear trough deformity). However, the majority of dark under-eye circles are caused by poor circulation beneath the lower eyelids (vascular pooling).

We offer carboxytherapy which treatment can dramatically improve the appearance of dark under-eye circles. It is a technique whereby tiny injections of carbon dioxide gas (a natural gas produced by the body itself) are insufflated into the area. The body has all the systems to eliminate this amount of carbon dioxide in a few minutes. Circulation is thereby increased and the dark under-eye circles are markedly improved. There is no downtime. A treatment only takes five minutes, and is virtually painless and risk-free.

A series of 2-6 treatments spaced one week apart is all that is required to achieve a great result.

Per treatment:  R450


To treat DPN, milia, moles, skin tags and xanthelasma, etc., we use Plasma Pen therapy to quickly remove skin lesions without damaging the healthy surrounding tissue. Plasma energy is produced when ionized gas particles of oxygen and nitrogen create an arc between the tip (needle/probe) of the pen and the lesion, causing the lesion to burn, darken and fall off within a few days.

Per 15 minutes treatment:  R500

Thereafter, for every additional 15 minutes: R350 


We treat fine vellus facial hair with an alkaline wash which works by temporarily increasing the skin’s pH to 12 (total alkalinity) to soften and dissolve dead skin cells and “peach fuzz.” It therefore also acts as a resurfacing tool which helps with breakouts.

Over a period of time, alkaline wash will reduce the hair growth enough to what will become a permanent solution. These results are progressive as we need to target the hairs during every phase of the growth cycle.

The treatment is completely pain-free, however in some cases, the area can appear red and warm which is normal and will subside after a short period of time. Unlike waxing and shaving, this treatment does not stimulate the growth of new hairs.

Applications of alkaline wash are required at approximately 6-8 weekly intervals until the growth has reduced and the final result acceptable.

Per 1/4 face treatment: R320

Per 1/2 face treatment: R550

Per full face treatment: R800

FINE LINES AND WRINKLES (BioSkinJetting / Smoothing - natural alternative to toxin injections)

By creating a controlled injury into the wrinkle with a very fine needle technique, the dermal tissue is stimulated into forming new tissue containing young collagen and elastin fibres that spread through the wrinkle.

It is a revolutionary wrinkle treatment and a natural alternative to toxin injections (e.g. Botox) and dermal fillers. The forehead, eye areas, cheeks, lips, and chin can be treated.

Please note: No foreign substances are injected into the skin. Topical anaesthetic is applied prior to treatment. (A minimum of three treatments are recommended, with periodic maintenance treatments.)

Treatments include topical anaesthetic:

Zone 1 – Forehead: R950

Zone 2 – Eyes: R750

Zone 3 – Cheeks: R1100

Zone 4 – Chin and Lips: R750   


We treat hair loss and thinning with customized combinations of carboxytherapy, mesotherapy solutions, microneedling and red L.E.D. phototherapy to rejuvenate the scalp and hair. 4 treatments, 3 weeks apart are recommended for optimal results.

Treatment is slightly uncomfortable; however, there is no downtime.

A MD Home Hair System is available.

Per treatment: ARES vials R1500

Per treatment: AnteAGE MD solution R3000



We treat sagging face and body areas, detailed below, with Multipolar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Magnetic Fields (Venus Freeze by Venus Concept):

Face / Neck / Knees / Stomach


Despite immediate results, clients should note that the skin will continue to improve over the next 6-8 weeks as collagen regenerates.

Per treatment: R750



We use carboxytherapy to treat stretch marks. There is no downtime and treatment is recommended once a week for a minimum of 3 treatments.

Per treatment: R750 per area

Biologique Recherche Luxury Skin Care…

La Grand Crème, containing EpigenActiv©, targets all age related phenomena. It is a total innovation in the world of professional cosmetics (anti-wrinkle, protecting, regenerating and restructuring), providing genuine cellular regeneration of the skin.