Hello, skin care lovers! We’re here with more summer tips to keep your skin healthy and even-toned.

Hyperpigmentation is a major issue that arises this time of year. If you’re wearing sunscreen and being cautious around the sun but still seeing those little brown spots around your nose and cheeks, your sunglasses may be causing it!

Wearing sunglasses that do not fit properly rub the skin and over time produce hyperpigmentation. Also, metal frames in styles like aviators reflect sunlight on the tops of the cheeks, causing sunburns. As a result of this, hyperpigmentation can appear.

Use targeted skin care products
There are a few things you can do to prevent these brown spots. First, always make sure you are re-applying your sunscreen throughout the day. Using products in the PIGM 400 line and Masque VIP 02 will treat and prevent these sun spots. After sun exposure, Reparation U.V. is an amazing product to add into your skin care regimen. This product soothes the skin after sun and fights the first signs of aging. You can mix this product into your moisturizer or mask after sun exposure.

Check your sunglasses
When shopping for sunglasses, look for plastic frames instead of metal to avoid the sunlight reflecting onto your skin. Make sure your sunglasses have mirror lenses. The skin around the eyes is very thin which makes it prone to sun damage and wrinkles. Mirror lenses block more UV rays than regular tinted lenses. Switching up your sunglasses throughout the week is another great trick. Try wearing different sizes and shapes so they’re not rubbing the same spot.

Finally, ensure you are coming in for your professional treatment at least once a month to treat and prevent sun spots. So, get picky with your shades, like you would your skin care.

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