What the Neck?

Many of our clients are concerned with fine lines and sagging skin on their neck and décolletage. Taking proper care of your skin doesn’t just mean your face.

Several factors can cause this issue. Some of you may have heard of “tech neck.” Tech neck is caused by looking down at a phone or computer screen, which results in fine lines and wrinkles on the neck. Another problem area is the centre of the chest. When you sleep on your side, the skin is pressed into a position that creates wrinkles. Sun exposure is always a factor in wrinkles. The sun breaks down the collagen in your skin causing it to age at a faster speed. No matter what is causing your issue, we know just how to fix it.

Treating your neck and décolletage is just as important as treating your face; hence, we treat those areas during a treatment as well. Always extend your products down onto the neck and décolletage.

Up your cleansing routine
Use your Biologique Recherche Cleansing Milk and Lotion P50 just as you would on your face. Following this, here are some products to help tone these areas.
Masque Crème Biofixine is one of our favourites to tone the skin. Packed with antioxidants, it reduces wrinkles and prevents visible signs of aging. Use this mask at least 3-4 times a week for best results.

Add a sérum
Sérum VG Tensil tightens the supportive tissues and stimulates regeneration. The peptides and amino acids in this product tone and prevent future loss of tone in the skin. Use this serum first by itself, followed by your other serums for best results.
Sérum 3R is like Botox in a bottle. It stands for renewing, regenerating and repairing. This product exfoliates and repairs the DNA to strengthen the firmness of the skin. On top of all its anti-aging properties, Sérum 3R hydrates, fights free radicals and contains anti-inflammatory agents.
Sérum Matriciel is a must for anyone lacking tone on the body. This product improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin. We love this product for fine lines in the centre of the chest. Sérum Matriciel works in the three layers of the skin, filling out any type of fine lines or imperfections on the body.

Lift and define
Crème Metamorphique restructures the skin’s cells, giving sagging skin definition and a lifted look. Rich in active ingredients, this product redefines the contour of the skin. After applying your serums, apply this cream in an upward motion to promote lifting of the skin.
With the combination of these products, your neck and décolletage will be ageless, just like your face. So, let your driver’s license give away your age and not your skin.

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