With the party season just around the corner, it’s time to get in the party mood. You’re excited and you have your sparkly dress ready… but is your skin ready?

The more parties you attend, the more you drink and eat, the less sleep you have and the more your skin will show the signs of excess. We have gathered the best seasonal skin saviours because what better way to achieve the festive spirit than with a glowing complexion?

Let’s start…

Always cleanse
The party season can mean lots of late nights, and your rigorous pre-bed cleansing routine often goes out the window. Don’t skip cleansing your skin properly after a night out to avoid clogging up pores with excess dirt and heavy makeup. Our gentle yet effective Cleansing Milks remove all impurities and leave your skin fresh and clean. For your festive eye makeup and waterproof mascaras, opt for the nourishing Solution Démaquillante pour les Yeux. A true treatment for your eyes, its caring formula nurtures your skin whilst gently, yet effectively eliminating even the most stubborn makeup. Always make sure you make time for beauty sleep to not only keep well-rested, but also allow your skin to rejuvenate itself naturally.

Peel and prep your skin
Getting rid of dead skin cells from the surface of your skin is essential to smooth and illuminate your complexion. Exfoliate daily using one of our Lotions P50. Your skin will be clear of any dry patches you may have, and your makeup will go on more smoothly – meaning no more flaky bits! Exfoliating your skin also means that your other skin care products can be absorbed more easily, it is a key step in the pre-party preparation. For makeup that lasts longer and a youthful-looking skin, spray our L’Eauxygénante Mist before going out.

Make your skin sparkle
A big festive fallout is the lack of sleep and good diet that leads to a lacklustre complexion. Give your skin a boost with energising skin care products such as the algae-based Sérum Oligo-Protéines Marines and Crème Hydravit’s. Once or twice a week, take the time to give your skin a helping hand by applying a face mask such as the oxygenating Masque VIP O2 to provide a real ‘pick-me up’ for your skin and super-charge your skin’s radiance.

Think hydration
During the festive period it’s easy to indulge in everything from salty foods to alcohol, but these parch your skin. Although we are advocates of drinking plenty of water for your body to function, as well as to make a difference to your skin, it is as important to restore your skin’s moisture levels by using tailored skin care products. Of course, a good old-fashioned face cream such as the Emulsion Originelle Régénérante is necessary to comfort and replenish your skin at this time of the year, but think about adding a serum to your skin care routine; they are much more concentrated and potent. Our hydrating Sérum Colostrum and our water-binding Sérum Collagène Natif will help to plump up the skin from within to give a more youthful and healthy appearance whilst avoiding the formation of fine lines due to dehydration.

Avoid the dreaded pre-party pimple
Spots have a habit of appearing at the worst possible time… but keep calm and refrain from giving them a squeeze. To keep skin clear before the party, rather use our Biomagic Mask; not only does it purify your skin, but also gives your skin a fresh glow. If an unexpected blemish has already showed up and you need to clear it up fast, then opt for our antibacterial Sérum Complexe Iribiol. Offering a complete action on imperfections, it will reduce the size and redness of the spot, decreasing chances of infection in other areas and promoting cell renewal for better healing.

Calm the skin down
Alcohol, spicy food and sleepless nights can worsen conditions such as rosacea, leading to flare-ups and bright red cheeks. If your lifestyle is getting out of hand, make sure you provide your skin the help it needs. Our Sérum Erythros is the best product of our range to zap redness and soothe the inflamed skin. The Biosensible range and particularly the Masque Biosensible can also provide great comfort and its content of Hyaluronic Acid will bring moisture back to your irritated skin.

Give your eyes more than sleep
Late boozy nights often lead to puffy, overtired eyes. Ban dark circles by applying our Sérum Oligo-Protéines Marines followed by our Crème Contour des Yeux VIP O2 in the morning. If you wake up with puffy, baggy eyes, then opt for the Sérum Placenta. BUT the perfect global cure for those tired eyes is our Patchs Défatigants. This eye sheet mask is designed to brighten this delicate eye area, instantly erasing signs of aging around the eyes, including crow’s feet. Patchs Défatigants are intensely hydrating and will provide the eyes with ultimate comfort. Your tired peepers will be thanking you!

Don’t forget your hands and lips
Hands and lips can easily be forgotten in a skin care routine but suffer from the most exposure to the weather. Keep our Emulsion Mains Renovatrice hand cream in your bag for a quick moisturising boost that will leave your hands soft and silky. Also, make sure your lips are thoroughly hydrated and smooth with our Biokiss lip balm before applying your red lipstick for an even application and flattering look.

All skin care products by Biologique Recherche.

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