Lose The Shine

There are lots of reasons why we love summer. But when you have oily skin, summer means trouble.

In summer, the line between ‘dewy’ and ‘greasy’ blurs a little, and we get a little more desperate than usual to control our skin’s oil production. Preventing your skin from looking overly greasy should not overwhelm you.

Here’s exactly how to score shine-free skin this summer, so you can relax and enjoy your holidays!

If you have oil-prone skin, you might think that you should skip the moisturizing step and make the cleansing part your skin care focus. That’s a total beauty myth. Using harsh products and over cleansing to dry out your skin and achieve that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling can create the vicious cycle of producing more oil to compensate for that oil loss. And although moisturizing may make you feel anxious about turning into a hot shiny mess, your skin needs moisture to create less oil. The fact is, everyone, regardless of skin type, can benefit from moisturizing their skin every day.

Why should I moisturize when I have oily skin?
Oily skin can get dehydrated and require hydration to maintain the skin barrier’s health. When the skin lacks moisture, it triggers the sebaceous glands to produce even more oil. Using a moisturizer increases water content in the skin – as opposed to oil – and prevents further moisture loss to keep the skin smooth and supple throughout the day. Make sure you keep your skin hydrated in the summer to avoid overproducing sebum and causing further skin imbalances such as flakiness and tightness.

Why should I fear the oil slick?
An over-abundance of grease may create more than just that unwelcome shine. Other side effects of having an oily tendency include enlarged pores and nasty breakouts. Sebum is the food source for acne bacteria, so keeping it in check is necessary!

Which moisturizer should I use to keep oil under control?
The thick, emollient face cream you use during winter isn’t necessary for summer and can feel too heavy if you have oily skin. Whilst you can keep a more nourishing formula for night use, you should switch to a lighter moisturizer for the daytime.

What’s important is to select the correct moisturizer for your skin – something that doesn’t clog pores, reduces excess oil and has a non-greasy, lighter texture – so you can effectively keep your skin under control.

You want to ensure that you pick a moisturizer which contains a humectant and/or a water-based emollient to instantly hydrate the skin without adding oil and feeling greasy. Humectants, such as Hyaluronic Acid and Amino Acids, attract moisture from the air into the skin whilst emollients, like Colostrum or Aloe Vera, help soften and improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Here are our favourite Biologique Recherche moisturizers for oilier skin conditions:

Crème Amnios
If you have extremely oily skin, make this face cream your new best friend this summer. This refreshing cream refines the skin texture and mattifies the complexion to keep the shine to a minimum throughout the day.

Émulsion Originelle Régénérante
If you have oily skin yet require nourishment in some areas of your face, go for this emulsion with Colostrum. It has a light texture yet is rich in benefits. A good moisturizer to pop in your bag to apply whenever your skin feels tight and dehydrated.

Emulsion Gel Biosensible S.R.
If you have oily and sensitive skin, opt for this light Amino Acid-based emulsion that not only reduces skin sensitivity and redness but also controls the oil production, so your skin feels cleaner and is soothed. For an instantly more comfortable skin.

Gel ADN Silkgen
If you have oily skin and can’t cope with a heavy texture, consider a lightweight gel instead. This formula won’t reduce oiliness, but it will feel lighter and more refreshing on the skin than other cream moisturizers. It’s all about texture and preference; plus, it contains Hyaluronic Acid!

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